CHARLOTTE'S WEB is a musical adaptation of the classic children's novel, originally commissioned and produced by Young Actors Theatre and School for the Performing Arts in Tallahassee, FL.

Using musical narrators to help tell the story, this folk-country adaptation allows for a flexible number of singers and the possibility of basic folk instruments onstage, if so desired.  The original score features playful musicalizations of the words Charlotte spells in her web, sounds of the farm, and select dramatized moments of the story.  It can be used in conjunction with any adaption of the classic story and is well-suited to young adults and children.


(Starring the company at Young Actors Theatre)

•  1. “Opening”
•  2. “Sounds of the Morning pt. 1”
•  3. “Sounds of the Morning pt. 2”
•  4. “Wilbur”
•  5. “Plans for the Day”
•  6. “Some Pig”
•  7. “Terrific”
•  8. “Radiant”
•  9. “Entr'acte”
•  10. “County Fair”
•  11. “Humble”
•  12. “Charlotte Died”
•  13. “Charlotte's Web”

full score "Charlotte's Web"

full score "Charlotte's Web"


Production at Young Actors Theatre, Tallahassee FL, 2011.

Executive Director - Tina Williams
Artistic Director - Robert Stuart
Managing Director - Valerie Smith
Orchestrations - Dana Haynes