ABEY BABY is a two-person sung-thru show, with an Electronic-R&B score, based on the biblical tale of Abraham being commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. 
This songsaga is modeled after a song cycle/concept album, with a definitive narrative.

Abe directly addresses God, asking his boss to do him a solid and help Abe and his wife Sarah have a son.  God grants his wish and Abe is ecstatic, but when Abe is told how he must return the boss' favor, Abe desperately seeks a way to hold onto his newborn son, his wife, and his conscience. 



•  “I Got A Son!” – Minutes after Isaac's birth, Abe holds his newborn son and gives thanks to God for this joyous gift, promising to return the favor in whatever God chooses.

• “What Would You Do (Reprise)” – Eight days after Isaac's birth, Abraham approaches the crib where Sarah has been keeping Isaac safely hidden from him.  Abe quietly begs his sleeping son for answers to his dilemma.


Short film scheduled for production, Fall 2019.

Director - Tommar Wilson; Director of Photography - Paris Remillard; Music Supervisor - Dana Haynes (Beetlejuice, Moulin Rouge)

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