JONI is an original indie-rock musical about an idealistic 18-year-old college freshman, who still lives at home with her widowed father, and her first vulnerable weekend on campus when she is forced to run away from home.

Ever since her Mom died in a drunk driving accident, Joni has spent the last eleven years in the shadow of her Dad’s harsh over-protection.  And when the anniversary of Mom’s death conflicts with Joni’s only chance to get into a sorority, Dad forbids Joni from leaving the house, but Joni steals Dad’s car and runs away.  Over the course of a wild weekend, Joni must learn the value of home before she finds herself in much deeper trouble on campus than she ever found with her father; and Dad must learn to see relationships in a new way before he loses the only person he has left to love.

Most Recently Reading at Shetler Studios, NYC, Aug. 2015.   Latest full script + score available:

Director - Gina Rattan (Assoc. Dir. Matilda, NBC Peter Pan)
Producers - Emily Hammond Cook (Public Theater); Tony LaPlaca (Disgraced)
Music Director - Dana Haynes (A Night Like This, Band of Wyatt)
Starring - Christy Altomare (Mamma Mia!, Carrie), F. Michael Haynie (Dogfight, Holler If Ya Hear Me), Karen Mason (Sunset Boulevard, Hairspray)