ABEY BABY demo/reference materials
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SCRIPT (05_08_19)



Abey Baby is a short film that reimagines through music the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah being commanded by God to sacrifice their son, Isaac. The piece explores parenthood, partner relationships, and faith in a higher power.

In Genesis 22 Verse 2, God commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac… in Verse 3, Abraham takes off for the place God has told him… Abey Baby imagines what happens between Verse 2 + Verse 3.

I began writing Abey Baby when my wife and I started trying to have a family. Abe and Sarah, like the rest of us, are up against tall odds. Trying to become a parent is a wild ride — then, add to the mix, trying to raise a child or trying to sustain a healthy relationship — it’s hilarious, I know. And, now that my wife and I are fortunate enough to have a child of our own, this story means even more to me than before.

God and religion are an important part of my life, and I am especially intrigued by Abe’s choices when viewed through the lens of a father, versus that of the patriarch of monotheism.

And what about Sarah, Isaac’s mother and Abraham’s wife? Sarah gets exactly ZERO mentions in all of Genesis 22. (Who’s story editor on that thing?)

These personal motivations for Abey Baby work in tandem with the creative vision that Tommar, Paris, and I share for this piece: we are creating 12 short films that can be viewed as individual shorts, or as one 40-minute piece. Each short will be one song in the cycle — music videos, sequentially connected by the narrative of Abe and Sarah — creating a short film song-cycle. 

The piece features only 2 actors (Abe & Sarah) and will focus heavily on the solo performances, electronic music, and stylized film production to tell this story in a unique fashion. Stylistically, think: Frank Ocean’s short film collaborations; NOT the recent trend of “live” TV musicals.

We’ve attached the latest script, along with demo tracks by our Music Producer, Dana Haynes (Associate Music Programmer for Broadway: Natasha Pierre…, Moulin Rouge!, Be More Chill), and the film reel of our Director of Photography, Paris Remillard (Music Videos: Trampled by Turtles, The Afghan Wigs, Crash Moderns; Hulu: It Could Be Worse).

Let us know if you’d like to discuss anything and thanks for reading,


Director - Tommar Wilson
Director of Photography - Paris Remillard
Writer - David Reiser
Executive Producer - Rich Mento
Producer - Eleven Twelve Inc.
Music Producer - Dana Haynes
Music Director - Cynthia Meng

Abe (male lead) - Jimmie Jeter
Sarah (female lead) - Danyel Fulton